“I have had the honor and privilege of knowing Cam Vuksinich for over 8 years. From the moment we met, I knew that Cam would be a significant part of my life’s evolution. Just to be in the presents of this most powerful, sensitive, intuitive, authentic, curious, honoring, present, open, vulnerable, tenacious women, is an honor. Her essence is the greatest gift I have ever received from a healer. Cam is the purist form of love I have ever experienced. When Cam touches your spirit, life is opened beyond any experience one has ever felt.”

M.B.Wellness Event Coordinator

“As a gifted intuitive life coach, Cam helps people sort out what’s important in their life and how to obtain it. I met Cam at a holistic medical meeting. When she told me what she did, I made an appointment to evaluate her work. I had no agenda. I just wanted to see what she did. She immediately honed in on a relationship issue I had with my five year old daughter. In an hour+ session, she allowed me to see our bond from a completely different perspective. This opened my eyes to an immense love and has positively changed our path. I am forever grateful. Since then I have referred hundreds of patients to Cam who come from every walk of life and religious affiliation. They come back extremely thankful for the referral. Her phenomenal insight and problem solving abilities are a gift.”


I have known Cam for over 10 years and she has been a major influence and contributor toward my personal, career and soul growth. She is truly “one of a kind” and an “earth angel.”

D.M.Sport Psychologist

“I was referred to Cam by my brother. She has been a true gift to my whole family, from my grandmother to my husband. We have all benefited tremendously from our visits with her. We have spoken with her about a variety of things from deeply personal challenges to professional issues. The common feeling after seeing her is enlightened to our own ability too handle things in our lives. I always come away feeling very empowered and positive. I am so grateful to be able to see Cam when I have something in life I need some insight into and I can also wholeheartedly refer anyone to her!!”


“It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I tell you about Cam Vuksinich. She is indeed the personification of creative insight from her mind, heart and gentle spirit. Her path is the gentle way, filled with honoring and respect. From a place of deepest understanding and compassion, she creates a safe space from where the client can draw out their next best and highest step. She is indeed a humble master of her art. I highly encourage you to visit Cam… enrichment awaits you!”


“Cam is an extremely insightful individual. She has an acute understanding of how one relates to the self, to others and to the Universe.”


“The experience of studying with Cam has evolved into more than learning the spiritual and scientific aspects of intuition. Cam’s class has had a profound impact on me at a core level. Studying with Cam has changed how I perceive reality and how I view the world. And it is continually teaching me to slow down, listen and trust that I have the answers.”


“Cam is a woman of deep heart, intuitive mind, and is highly skilled as a counselor. She is completely present with each client, listening and sensing what is needed in the moment , be that words, silence, a smile or an innovative technique that draws wholeness forth”

D.M.M. Massachusetts

“As President of a company, Cam has empowered me to become the leader I strive to be. She is very effective in helping me see all sides of important decisions.”


“Cam has great heart and caring, and wonderful wisdom and understandings that can help people enrich their lives, achieve goals and live more joyfully. She blends many teachings and insights into a practical approach that everyone can use to make each day better and more fulfilling. She is a delight!”


“Cam is one of the most exquisitely compassionate people I have ever met. Her depth of heart and expansively bright mind meld in a most skillful, therapeutic presence. In both group and personal interaction, I find her to be wise, penetrating and kind. She is, in short, a joy to be with.”


“I have a serious illness called “Multiple Chemical Sensitivities”. I have always come with an open mind to anyone and usually its hard to tell about someone but not so this time. I could feel with Cam an energetically sound profoundness that is a rarity. From what I have been around…… Cam has a soul the Heavens would rejoice upon and I feel humbled to be with Cam’s insightful ways. Cam gave me tools that provided great help for my struggles with my physical and emotional hurts. Cam has aided me in the walk that God made so right.”


“We all have intuition. Cam, through her classes, helps you to really get in touch with how your intuition works best – as we are all different – and how to develop it over time. These classes are a must for anyone interested in getting more in touch with themselves and the world at large.”


“Cam’s help really worked! It helped me to remember someone I’ve lost and not to feel so sad about it. It helped my brain and my hands to connect, and I did better in school after that. It gave me more confidence.”


“I have met with Cam at times of uncertainty or frustration, just a few times over the last few years. Every session has been nothing short of astounding. I am amazed at the depth of insight I come away with and the effects on how I deal with life challenges for weeks and months afterwards. Cam provides a sort of spiritual guide service through the soul’s jungle… complete with machete to help her clients cut a clear path to the core issues. She is a gifted, wise and gentle lady.”


“Cam has a unique, intuitive approach as a counselor. Every visit to her office has been magical. I would especially recommend her as a therapist for those taking a spiritual path in life. She has been an incredible resource for my entire family, which includes two sons in their early twenties.”


“Cam possesses extraordinary intuition and insight. With her guidance and heartfelt support, you are able to tune into your own inner wisdom and move purposefully towards your dreams and goals. Cam has been a powerful influence in my life.”


“My experience with Cam has been remarkable. There’s no comparison. Cam gives me comfort so I can explore the issue at hand when I am ready to shift my life direction.”